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We offer a variety of separate account, value-based investment strategies for individual investors, financial professionals and institutional investors.

Equity Focused

CM Value I (All-Cap Value) Long-Term Growth of Capital
CM Large Cap Value Long-Term Growth of Capital
CM Large Cap Absolute Value Long-Term Growth of Capital
CM Small Cap Equity Value Long-Term Growth of Capital
CM Small Cap Absolute Value Long-Term Growth of Capital

Balanced Focused

CM Moderate Plus Allocation Stocks (60% to 80%), Bonds, and Cash
CM Moderate Allocation Stocks (40% to 60%), Bonds, and Cash
CM Conservative Allocation Stocks (20% to 40%), Bonds, and Cash

Fixed Income Focused

CM Fixed Income Absolute Total Return

Other Strategies

Other Strategies For Qualifying Accounts
Mutual Funds CM Advisors Family of Funds

For information about Separately Managed Accounts, please contact our Institutional or Retail Sales department.


Footnotes and Disclosures 

A full description of strategies, composites and investment advisory fees are supplied in our Form ADV Part 2A.

Past performance of markets, strategies, composites, or any individual securities is no guarantee of future results. The performance of accounts in any Century Management composite may be materially different from account to account and from the composite itself.  Differences that may affect investment performance include but are not limited to cash flows, inception dates, historical prices, asset size, market conditions, portfolio holdings, and fees. Positions within a composite may not be the same from one account to the next. Individual securities within a composite may be traded at different times as well as receive different execution prices. In addition, accounts within a composite may be pursuing similar investment strategies, but may have different investment restrictions.

Investment in Century Management composites are subject to investment risks, including, without limitation, market risk, interest rate risk, management style risk, business risk, regional risk, sector risk, small cap risk, low-rated securities risk, liquidity risk, maturity risk, mortgage risk, extension risk, and other risks related to equity and fixed income securities.

It should not be assumed that any of the holdings, sectors, recommendations, or characteristics discussed on this website will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or decisions we make in the future will be profitable.   Century Management reserves the right to modify its current investment strategies and techniques based on changing market dynamics or client needs.