chidlren-blessing-childrenThere are many wonderful, worthwhile causes and organizations in which to invest time, money and resources. Furthermore, there is no shortage of good people who can use a helping hand. With a charitable spirit in mind, the founding shareholders of Century Management, Arnold and Eileen Van Den Berg, have created a nonprofit foundation called Children Blessing Children. This foundation provides financial and hands-on personal assistance and aid to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts, abused and neglected children.

There are literally thousands of children throughout the state of Texas who are severely abused and neglected. The children who have been removed from these abusive environments are typically sent to emergency treatment centers, residential treatment centers, and foster homes. Due to the abrupt loss of their families and sense of security, these children suffer from fear, loneliness, feelings of abandonment, and depression. Children Blessing Children is dedicated to helping these children through this difficult time in their lives.

three-childrenThroughout the year, Children Blessing Children supports these children by sending letters of encouragement, T-shirts with positive messages, CDs to help bring them a peaceful night's sleep, books to inspire a love of reading and develop character, cards, treats and gifts on their birthdays and holidays, and essentials such as pajamas, blankets, pillows, and dental hygiene kits.

Children Blessing Children continually strives to develop programs to encourage, inspire and motivate abused and neglected children to realize that although they have had a tragic past, there is hope for a new and joyful life.