Year Founded: 1974
Corporate Registration: Van Den Berg Management I, Inc., dba Century Management and CM Fund Advisors
Ownership Structure: Independent
Investment Adviser: Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940
Investment Philosophy: Value based
Corporate Office: Austin, Texas
Total Staff: 25 employees, with 10 dedicated to portfolio management, research, and trading
Total AUM: $1,011.455 million (approximate as of January 31, 2019)
Investment Vehicles: Individually managed portfolios + mutual fund offerings via CM Advisors Family of Funds

Meet Our Team

The operations of Van Den Berg Management I, Inc., dba Century Management and CM Fund Advisors, are managed by its five-person Advisory Committee. The tenure of committee members ranges between 21 and 39 years.

Meet Our Team

Our Commitment and Co-Ownership of Investments

One of our core beliefs as an advisor is to invest our own money in the same investments as our separate account clients and mutual fund shareholders. Therefore, our officers, employees, and their families have a substantial amount, if not all, of their investments in one or more of the separate account and mutual fund strategies that we manage.

Other Key Strengths

  • Wealth of experience in portfolio management, research, and trading
  • Proprietary, independent, in-house research or research verification
  • Consistent discipline
  • Independent, third-party, GIPS® performance verification since our 1974 inception
  • Highly skilled and dedicated client service team
  • Proactive client interaction, frequent updates
  • Easy-to-read, detailed reporting

Investment Tools

  • In-person and telephone discussions with companies, vendors, suppliers, and industry experts
  • Our internal, proprietary, in-depth research database
  • Top third-party research databases such as FactSet, Bloomberg, Value Line, Compustat, and SEC EDGAR
  • Contract analysts at Sidoti & Company, Value LineTM, as well as various independents
  • Quarterly earnings updates from companies via telephone, webcast, or in-person
  • Company materials such as quarterly 10-Ks, annual reports, proxies, press releases, and other filings
  • Industry conferences, as well as industry or expert research reports, periodicals, and newsletters