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Sept 5, 2019: Social Security Planning: Basic Rules and Filing Strategies

You have questions:

            • How much can I expect to receive from Social Security? 

            • Why does it matter when I apply? And when should I do it? 

            • Do I have to actually retire to get benefits? 

            • Will Social Security even be there for me? 

In just 30 minutes, we’ll cover:

        • How to decide when to collect your benefits. 

        • How to coordinate benefits with your spouse. 

        • The Social Security options available to divorcees. 

        • How the death of a spouse affects your Social Security benefits. 

        • How work affects your benefits. 

        • How your benefits are taxed—and what you can do about it. 

You need to know:

        • How to avoid making a poor (and almost irreversible) Social Security claiming decision. 

        • The huge impact of survivor benefits on smart claiming decisions. 

        • How recent legislative changes may have impacted your strategy. 

        • What to do if you were counting on a claiming strategy that’s no longer available.

Speakers: John Dixon, CFP® and John Purvis, CFP® 

Century Management Financial Advisors

Date and Time: September 5, 2019, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 

Location: 805 Las Cimas Pkwy, Ste 430, Austin, TX 78732

RSVP: To John Purvis by Sept 3, 2019 

jpurvis@cm-ic.com or call (800) 664-4888