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CM Energy Industry Update - April 2015

Over the past nine months, the decline in the price of oil, as well as the decline in the stock prices of many energy and energy-related service companies, has caused a great deal of uncertainty for investors. The big fear among many investors today is that the U.S. energy industry will experience a repeat of the 1986 oil crash, which lasted a decade in North America. We believe it is the fear of this “repeat” that has brought many energy company valuations down to levels we have not seen since that time.

Our research and analysis will show:

• Spare capacity throughout today’s energy markets is significantly different than in past cycles.

• If you look out over the next few years, the energy market appears to be much tighter than the general investing public believes.

• In our opinion, the fear of a prolonged disaster scenario for the energy sector is overblown and largely discounted in current stock prices, presenting an opportunity for very attractive returns in many energy-related companies.

 Click here to download the report in PDF format.

Disclosures: This article is not financial advice or an offer or solicitation to sell any product. CM reserves the right to modify its current investment strategies and techniques based on changing market dynamics or client needs.

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Investment in the CM Value I composite is subject to investment risks, including, without limitation, market risk, interest rate risk, management style risk, business risk, sector risk, small cap risk, and other risks related to equity securities CM claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards ("GIPS®"), examined from the strategy's inception, September 16, 1974, through June 30, 2014. This performance was prepared by CM and presented to and examined by Ashland Partners & Company, LLP. Ashland Partners continues to verify the compliance of CM with the requirements of GIPS® on a firm-wide basis each calendar quarter. This GIPS® verification and performance examination is generally one to two quarters in arrears of the most recent performance information presented. Thus, while performance figures shown after the verification date are believed to be accurate, they are preliminary and have not yet been examined.

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