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Investment Wisdom and Planning Advice

Over 49 Years of Serving Clients

Our Differentiator is Our Story

Where we have been informs the way we serve clients today. Since 1974, Century Management has offered personal wealth management services to our clients, as well as serving the investment needs of institutions. Our longstanding experience is our guide.

Our Founder: Arnold Van Den Berg

In 1968, Arnold Van Den Berg began his investment career as the U.S. stock market was experiencing its worst decline since the Great Depression. Arnold spent these difficult years studying Wall Street, the market, and various investment philosophies. He concluded that the managers who used a value-based investment strategy both protected their clients' capital better and provided more consistent investment results than managers using other investment strategies.

In September of 1974, Arnold started his own investment advisory business based on a value-investing approach. This investment philosophy not only had a history of producing sound results but also was consistent with how he lived his personal life. 

From humble beginnings, Arnold Van Den Berg, a Holocaust survivor, learned at an early age what it means to work hard, to sacrifice, and to help others. It is his spirit of helping that has shaped the way he has lived his life and runs the business. Each individual who has joined Century Management shares Arnold’s values and passion to truly help others reach their goals. It is what has defined our success.

What Makes Us Unique

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Our process seeks to uncover value in investment selections.

Our Intellectual Capital

Our Research Analysts, Portfolio Managers, and Financial Advisors are highly experienced, credentialed and have an unwavering commitment to deliver uniquely personal service.

Investing With You

We invest our money in the same investments recommended to our clients.


Arnold Van Den Berg is featured in the book The Great Minds of Investing, alongside investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

"One of the great pleasures of working on this book is that I’ve had many life-enriching conversations with Arnold. I’ve tried to do justice to his extraordinary story — and to pay tribute to the remarkably courageous people who saved his life when he was a child."  Author William Green

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