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CM In The News

Jim Brilliant, CFA, CIO, and Century Management portfolio manager has been interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek, Barron's, Reuters, and Market Watch.  He has also been featured in an on air interview by Bloomberg Radio.  The following are quotes or excerpts from those interviews:

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January 18, 2018  Barron's article by Randall W. Forsyth, An Investor's Guide to the Shutdown.  Jim Brilliant points out that the general markets have done well during years when the federal government shuts down.  Jim was quoted as saying, "So while media coverage of a potential government shutdown is sure to stir anxiety for many and may increase near-term price volatility, we believe the history of government shutdowns suggests investors can sleep soundly in the weeks ahead".



January 18, 2018  Wall Street Journal article by Sam Goldfarb, Treasury's Fall, Pushing 10-Year Yield Above 2.6%.  Jim Brilliant said that given synchronized global growth and the impact of the tax cuts, "we think we're going to see wage growth finally, and to the extent we have wage growth, that will put upward pressure on inflation numbers".

                                                              Bloomberg Businessweek

November 1, 2017  Bloomberg Businessweek article by Alex Nussbaum and David Wethe titled, The Fracking Boom's Midlife Crisis.  Jim said, "There’s a complacency that shale is going to continue to produce at the kind of volumes that we had in the past.  If the world keeps believing we’ve got surplus oil as far as the eye can see—which I don’t believe—then the reality is going to smack everybody in the face.”  Click here to read more. 

                                                                                                                                              Barrons logo

August 31, 2017  Barron's article by Amey Stone titled, Looks Like Houston's Hurricane Preparedness Is Paying Off. Jim points out that Houston's energy and utility infrastructure is well prepared for hurricanes.  He believes that plants, refineries and pipelines were shut down well ahead of Hurricane Harvey which should limit damage and allow them to reopen in the next few weeks.  He said, "The big, 'wild card' in terms of coming back online is how the Eagle Ford Shale wells will perform once they are restarted.  It's never been tested.“


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August 31, 2017  Marketwatch.com article by Mark Decambre, 10-Year Treasury Treasury yield posts largest monthly drop in more than a year. Market participants say signs of sluggish inflation, remaining below the Fed’s target of 2% on an annual basis, have been the main factor limiting a rise in bond yields, despite efforts by the U.S. central bank to normalize monetary policy in the aftermath of the 2007-09 financial crisis. This could also put a damper on the central bank from raising rates further this year, said Jim Brilliant.     



August 31, 2017  In a Reuters article by Sam Forgione titled, Dollar edges lower on U.S. data, month-end flows, Jim said, "With today's still-weak inflation numbers and with the impact that (Tropical Storm) Harvey can have on just a more noisy data set for (the Fed) to try to decipher, I think it's more likely that they push the next rate hike into the new year."  


                                                                                          Bloomberg Radio

August 31, 2017  Carol Masser and Cory Johnson of Bloomberg interviewed Jim Brilliant for his energy industry expertise in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Jim was quoted as saying, "If we look at the financial impact, the industry is very well prepared for hurricanes and obviously this (Hurricane Harvey) is a big one and the flooding is the biggest but we think that the refining assets and the production assets will, as the water recedes, come back online probably in the next couple of weeks or so.  We're obviously seeing the impact that refining being offline is having with gasoline prices rising.  We'll see the reverse, a backup of U.S. crude inventory but overall this will have in our view the impact of bringing wordwide inventories lower.  We have seen this from the beginning of the year, inventories coming down across the energy sector."                                                                                                                  

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